UK has some of the best distiller and breweries in the world. So many blends, flavours and ways to create drinks. Add to that, the ways to serve, mix and entertain, a land of constant buzz and party. Liqroo is here to add ease of accessibility, to make your drinks appear swiftly and hassle-free, anytime. We are your drink drivers, you relax, we drive your drinks to you. You need not rush to the bar before it closes, stock up at home or worry about finding your favourite drinks. and your premier online liquor store that carries your favourite alcoholic drinks. We apply best prices and deliver anywhere in the UK. We especially do a 60-90 minute delivery in London. We shall soon extend the 60-90 minutes service in other areas as well. Register with us to stay updated for all discounts and offers and also to know when we start offering Express delivery in your area. Our huge selection of top notch drinks is delivered to your doorstep securely and we can also include a gift note for those special gifts & occasions. We deliver all day and into the late hours, for all 7 days. Incase, we do not have your drink, register it with us and we will make sure that we stock it especially for you.

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Life is full of expectations and so much pressure is put on achievement. We get measured everyday for what we have achieved and how we should stay focused on our objectives. Focus, believe and achieve are all good. But we say its very important to stay connected and have fun with your friends. Check out our selection and find yourselves a perfect drink or send a gift to make someone's evening.