Express Alcohol Delivery

Bar Exchange

Social & Game

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Express Alcohol Delivery

  • Shoppers can browse handcrafted.
  • Shoppers can create personalised labels.
  • Vendors can add their products.
  • Vendors can create their info-site.
  • Vendors can create events.
  • Vendors can feature discounts/offers.

Bar Exchange

  • Gives price updates of favourite drinks.
  • Constant buzz with price movements.
  • Control market by sudden price dropss.
  • Connected to social media.
  • Introducing stock buying feature in June 2019

Social & Games

Visiting UK ?

  • Easy event planning.
  • New ideas for events.
  • Never repeat the same evening.
  • Perfect for busy lives.
  • Apt for tourists.


Neat & Versatile for displaying various drinks SHOP SCREEN Easy to use and relative to most E-commerce models Faster product upload due to light images.


Set up staff & PR gift reminders Add various events per person Gift options provided prior to events Easy to use interface Option to save gift history


  • Avail special discounts based on sale volumes & order value
  • VIP entry passes for Liqroo party events
  • Special discounts for party orders
  • Set up Public relations gift management system
  • Option to choose monogrammed gift boxes.
  • Free tasting event invites
  • Set up special tastings for new product/brand launches at your office
  • Set up gift delivery for staff promotions, anniversaries and their birthdays etc
  • 12 hour Priority entry for certain discount sale events


Give individual gifts using your monogrammed gift boxes (not available under same day) or set up a public relations gift management system. The gift management system allows you to prebook and/or make it a standing order gift to be repeated each year and/or on specific events related to the same person.

Gift Management System

  • Note your event requirement and value of the gift
  • Allow you to record upcoming events for the same person
  • Allow you to set reminder a few days before the event
  • Share possible gift options on the reminder day before the upcoming event
  • Allow an option to select flowers, chocolates or decanter set etc with the bottle.
  • Time to time we also share drinks of interest based on your buying choices
  • You can also choose type of drink notifications ie Aged, by country or limited edition