UK has some of the best distilleries and breweries in the world. So many blends, flavours and ways to create drinks. Add to that, the ways to serve, mix and entertain, a land of constant buzz and party. Liqroo is here to add ease of accessibility, to make your drinks appear swiftly and hassle-free, anytime. We are your drink drivers, you relax, we drive your drinks to you. You need not rush to the bar before it closes, stock up at home or worry about finding your favourite drinks. Read More

bar exchange

Similar to the lines of stock exchanges, Liqroo offers prices of selected drinks based on a thrilling algorithm. Find out if your drink is a bull or bear!

alcohol circles

Connect with the people with similar drink type choices and get into an adventurous competition with others! What are you waiting for? Join your circle!

shop duty Free

For guests in the UK, we offer Duty Free Shopping. Just present your receipt at the airport on your way back and claim your tax back!

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