• Extensive range of alcohol supplied at short notice
  • Delivered to you in 60 to 90 mins..
  • Coming to London in February
  • Easier Ordering & well managed delivery service
  • In-app Bar Exchange for surprising value
  • Buy an experience & Set up quick parties
  • One-stop for all private party solutions & evening entertainment
  • Complete commitment to Challenge 25
  • Duty free shop for tourists
  • Option to join Liqroo spirit circles to make new friends

Bar Exchange

  • An interesting exchange feature to indulge you in making profitable orders
  • Get notifications for your favourite drink moves
  • Arrange rate bids for sales boost
  • Constant buzz of a happy hour is always on

Buy an Experience

  • An option to choose from various types of party events for a single price
  • A single page quick, off the shelf, party booking
  • And we send the party home to you
  • Bartenders & extra entertainers can also be added
  • Plan from your Stag-Do to Karaoke nights with us

Spirit circles

  • Join our social networking page and pick your drink circles
  • Gain discounts & offers with your Circle peers
  • Show your allegiance to your drink
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Indulge in real time competitions to support your drink


Personalised drinks and craft gin & other drinks also available. We appreciate craft drink makers and wish our customers to fully indulge in all new and trendy flavours in the market. Customers love trying new things and alcohol industry has recently flourished into the handcrafted section. We invite select drink makers to bring their drinks to you. We also leave reviews open so you can learn from other customers experience and ,are choices according to your taste.